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Palisade Fencing & Gates
This permanent security fencing system offers great strength and longevity and is perhaps the most traditional form of security fencing. Palisade Fencing can be erected on hard ground like concrete by using steel Bolt Down Posts, or on softer ground like grass, where Dig-In Posts are set within the ground.

Steel Palisade Fencing is available in heights from 1.8m high which will provide a low to medium level security fencing system, up to 3.0m high which will provide a high level security fencing system. It’s unique shape and construction also makes Palisade Fencing ‘anti-climb’ and this is one of the main features of Palisade Fencing which makes it such a popular choice of security fencing.

Palisade Fencing can also be adapted to meet site access requirements and we offer a range of pedestrian and vehicle access gates in heights from 1.8m to 3.0m and in widths ranging from 1.2m to 10.0m. Adding a Palisade Gate within your Palisade Fencing system will provide a controllable access point which can be locked to ensure security is maintained at all times.

Wrought Iron Fencing & Gates
Railings are a very popular choice for many public and domestic locations as they offer a safe and attractive design. Suitable for places which require a low to medium level of security, Railings are useful for providing boundary demarcation around properties or outdoor areas.

Our Railings and Gates are made from high quality steel which is galvanised with zinc to help prevent rust development. A powder coated finish is also an available option for our steel Railings and Gates and this will enhance the appearance of the Railings system, as well as increasing it’s resilience to factors such as weathering and vandalism.

A Railing Gate can be installed within a Railings system to provide an access point for pedestrians or vehicles which require site entry. Railing Gates are fully lockable and are useful for maintaining the security of the location when the gate is not in use.

Bollards, Barriers and Handrails

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