Fire Shutters

Designed to be a security barrier under normal usage and a fire resistant barrier to contain and minimise damage if a fire occurs. Linked to the alarm system, this will occur automatically and in seconds.


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Technical Specifications (typical)

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Standards & Fire Ratings:
BS476: 22
Available in 1, 2 or 4 hour rating

Single skin 75mm scrolled or 50mm flat galvanised steel lath
Maximum curtain width: ~7m
Weight: 10 kg/m² (flat), 10 – 16.5 kg/m² (scrolled, dependant on fire rating requirements)

Typically 350mm box, depending on fire requirements.

38mm x 32mm x 3mm – 100mm x 32mm x 3mm dependant on width
Electric shutters require a 50mm x 50mm steel box section (both sides) used to allow for motor unit and safety brake. A 76mm x 50mm box section will be used for shutters over 160kg in weight (5000mm x 3200mm approximately).

3 Phase (415 volt) or Single Phase (240 volt) – Flange mounted to endplate, complete with starter, open/close/stop facility, limits and emergency override facility.

Drawings (typical)


Health and safety requirements often detail needs for total fire security. We offer roller shutters that are up to 4 hours fire rated and can be set up to automatically close upon fire alarm activation or temperature increase.

Servery hatches, food preparation areas, fire escapes and segregation or containment areas.

We can install roller shutters to existing openings and even incorporate them into the lintels of new builds, hiding all traces of the shutter while it is open. Typical installations are finished within a couple of hours and can be done at any time that suits you.

Our fire shutters are made of high quality galvanised steel, powder coated to a colour of your choice.

Safety Features
We take safety very seriously here which is why as standard, all of our roller shutters are compliant with HSE and are all CE marked as such. All of our shutters are installed with the required safety features such as a safety brake to prevent the shutter from free-falling in the event of a motor failure and a photocell safety edge which stops the curtain from lowering if there is an obstacle in it’s way.

Fire safety features included with the fire shutters are full control panels allowing for usage via key switch, remote or rocker switch as standard, as well as providing capabilities for fire alarm linkage and heat dectors to automatically lower the shutter adn create a seal in case of fire. Emergency back up power is also available in case of power failure due to fire.

Roller shutters, by law, must be serviced by a certified engineer a minimum of every 12 months, more frequently if the shutters are operated more than twice daily. It is usually done within an hour and can save thousands in replacements and repairs in the future, not to mentions lives in a major malfunction.

And remember, if you’re not sure what shutter type is best for you, just give us a call and we’ll provide a full consultation and quotation at no cost.

Details & Extras


Standard spring-tensioned manual shutter for access to locations without power.

Chain Operation

Standard chain operated shutter for use in warehouses.

Group Commands

One switch or one remote to control several shutters at once.

Remote Control

High quality German motors automatically operate the shutter using a variety of different switches.

Bullet Lock

Typically found on push up shutters to lock the curtain to the floor. Cheap and cheerful.

Key Switch

Found on most electric roller shutters outside the building. Simple to use and prevents unauthorised operation.

Rocker Switch

Usually installed in tandem to a key switch, it’s a qucik and easy way to lift and drop the shutter from the inside of a building.

Fire Alarm Link

Link the shutter motor to the buildings’ fire alarm system to enable auto close upon sounding

Safety Brake

Anti-drop brakes are law for motorised shutters for in case of power failure to prevent crushing.


Projects a beam of light which locks the shutter brake on if somebody walks under it whilst lowering.

UPS / Battery Backup

Remain operational during power outages with a battery backup system. Especially useful for fire shutters.

All standard RAL colours are available for powder coating.

Not sure what product is best for you?

Give us a call or an email and we can go through your options and provide a free consultation at your premises.